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Welcome to Atrin Pharmaceuticals

Sceintific Research and Development

Atrin Pharmaceuticals is a dynamic biopharmaceutical firm focused on the discovery and development of proprietary medications. Using groundbreaking technology developed and licensed in association with the University of Pennsylvania, Atrin’s bioresearch has led to the development of a portfolio of drug candidates with multiple mechanisms of action. Atrin’s lead program is a novel series of first in class, water-soluble, orally bioavailable, highly potent small-molecule inhibitors of ATR for clinical application. Atrin’s pipeline of unique small molecules allows specific targeting of a broad spectrum of cancers (pancreatic, lung, ovarian, breast and colon) with much higher efficacy and lower toxicity than conventional chemotherapeutics. In addition to the ATR inhibitor series Atrin’s pipeline also contains two development candidates: ATRN-502, a p53 activator, and ATRN-507, a dual ligand showing specificity and selectivity against cancer cells. Atrin’s scientists have also invented the proprietary Atrize™ platform: an innovative phenotypic FACS-based screening that is broadly applicable across R&D, clinical applications and as an innovative tool for personalized medicine.

Atrin Pharmaceuticals has offices and research facilities in Doylestown Pennsylvania.

Developers of ATRIZE™