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Atrize™ – Rapid Screening Platform for Oncology Research for Identification of Functional Candidate Inhibitors Involved in Cell Cycle Regulation

Atrin has developed Atrize™, a proprietary, rapid, highly sensitive screening methodology that permits the identification and evaluation of specific candidate inhibitors and natural products against target proteins involved in the regulation of the cell cycle.

Atrize™, a superior and innovative cell-based screening methodology, allows for the sensitive detection of several morphological and fate characteristics of treated cells simultaneously. Atrize™ allows for the analysis of large numbers of potential drug candidates simultaneously while maintaining higher accuracy providing a significant advantage over other high-throughput screening approaches. Atrize™ has been validated against a collection of 2000 known drugs and has accumulated a robust database that correlates molecular structures (scaffolds) to specific intracellular activity. This broad and unbiased investigational approach applies to cell cycle regulation, one of the most exciting and promising fields in cancer therapy today. Atrize™ has been tailored to identify compounds that are effective in inhibiting the viability of cancer cells without adversely affecting healthy cells. Using this approach, Atrize™ identifies therapeutic candidates with the potential to effectively treat metastatic tissue without the adverse effects of past chemotherapeutic treatments (e.g. favorable benefit/risk profile).

Direct testing on human cell lines, rather than on isolated proteins, dramatically accelerates the hit identification process, saving time and financial resources. Additional key benefits of the Atrize™ screening method include:


  • Over a thousand compounds can be screened in a short period of time using specialized flow-cytometry, permitting quick recognition of potential pipeline candidates
  • Flexible target selection, potentially permitting identification of targets outside of cell cycle regulation
  • Quantitative screen measures molecular activity against a target
  • Multiple data-gathering perspectives safeguard the high-confidence, precise analysis while maintaining high-throughput screening rates
  • Wide-focus approach allows information to be gleaned from both positive and negative results
  • Aids in the validation of the effectiveness of existing molecules throughout the drug development process


The Atrize™ methodology is a widely applicable, fast, high-throughput screen that offers high-confidence, repeatable results in several forms. Atrize™ avoids resource wasting false positives by helping to reveal whether a result is obtained by actual drug-to-target effect or non-specific damage to the cells. The Atrize™ screening platform will provide timely feedback and open avenues for new therapeutic opportunities for hard-to-treat cancers.

Oren Gilad Ph.D.
President and CEO

Initial compound library screenScreening compound library in Atrize™ cell line to find active compoundsUp to 480 compounds per instrument per day (5 x 96-well plates). Testing and analysis = 1-2 weeks for 5 plates (will vary depending on size of library)
Validation (1)Investigating specificity of active compounds from initial screen (typically 1-2%) 1-2 weeks
Validation (2)Assessing cytotoxicity1-2 weeks (performed in conjunction with validation 1)
Validation (3)Assessing genotoxicity2-3 weeks
Evaluation (1)Dose-response1 week
Evaluation (2)Target identification5-6 months (depends on complexity)
Evaluation (3)Developing SAR2-3 weeks
Evaluation (4)ADME-TOX1 month
Specific cancer/mutation compound library screenScreening compound library in specific cancer cell line or cell line with desired mutation to find active compoundsMinimum 2 weeks (as in initial compound library screen) but variable depending on properties of cell line